Handwoven  Doormat
Handwoven Doormat
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Canyon Fringe Hammock
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Pratone Birdhouse
Pratone Birdhouse
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Geo Glow Lantern
Geo Glow Lantern
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Concha Garden Planter
Concha Garden Planter
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Leather-Latched Wall Planter
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High Tide Towel
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Aura Chime
Aura Chime
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Air Balloon Birdhouse
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Nautley Jingle Bell
Nautley Jingle Bell
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Ridged Zinc Pot
Ridged Zinc Pot

Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Garden & Outdoor
(3.8 / 5)
40 Reviews
  1. / Oct 13 2014
    Perfect little pots!
    These pots are perfect. I have all three of them and the colours work well together. I have succulents planted in mine. I would buy a hundred different styles if they had more. <3
  2. / May 18 2014
    lovely addition to any windowsill
    Overall, I'm really happy with my new little pots for my new plants! What I like about these pots is that they are truly unique, they give something to your windowsill from your plain old terracotta pot. The reason I gave these pots a 4 for both design & quality is because there is a few spots where paint had ran down on the mint pot. While, I do love the hand-painted look, i decided to turn the pot around because I thought it looked much better without the paint run showing! Fortunately I live close enough to a store that I was able to pick out my own, so I managed to look through and find the best non-chipped best quality ones they had! Personally, I decided that I liked the teal and mint best. Again overall, these are fun little pots that are meant to give statement to your tiny little plant! As mentioned in other reviews there is no hole for drainage, but if using for succulents or other low maintenance plants I don't think it will be a problem!
  3. / Apr 16 2014
    Very cute and tiny pots perfect for succulents. Like stated in other reviews they are very small. I'm not sure why one reviewer wrote that plants cannot be grown in pots without drainage because that is untrue. I have dozens of plants in my house that don't have drain holes and are perfectly fine. I have the teal one pictured one. (Second in from the right)
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  1. / Apr 24 2014
    The right touch of color
    This little pot is simple, cute, and adds just the right splash of color in my tiny apartment "garden" of plants in pots. Right now everything is inside because the weather has been psychotically changing from hot to snowy, so it really brightens up the boring indoor colors.
  2. / Sep 04 2010
    Earthy and cute!
    I love this little pot--got a couple of them to put small succulent plants in around the house. The cracked texture is earthy and unique and makes it look like a vintage pot your grandmother has had forever. Please do note that the color is a bit more green than the picture. At such a great price, I can see myself getting more of these in different sizes!
  3. / Jan 20 2010
    Adorable vintage pots
    Very well made with nice vintage features. I purchased a few of these for house plants and storage for trinkets. Love the price!
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  1. / Aug 22 2012
    Hard pressed to say it wasn't an antique....
    I simply cannot have enough pots... and the older they look the better... this charming herb pot resembles somthing found in the back troves of a French antique store... with a history to tell of basil and dill. Gorgeous and ridiculously well priced!
  2. / Jan 07 2011
    great hold anything pot
    This little potter is great! I am actually using it to hold my sponge and brush by my sink. Its attractive and useful! I bought a few of the other ones for actual potters and they all look great! great price!
  3. / Aug 04 2009
    excellent quality and aesthetic for the price!
    (see review under Aged Herb Pot, Pedestal) love the shape and color of this cylindrical pot. looks great with ANYthing planted in it. i can't stop buying these herb pots!
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  1. / Sep 04 2014
    Beautiful But...
    This Garden Pot is so beautiful and the color looks pretty much like the picture online. Of course as everyone else has said there is no drainage hole but I think I can get someone to drill one for me. I put one of my many spider plants in it with a drainage dish and for some reason the plant perked right up. It love the planter too.
  2. / Mar 10 2014
    gorgeous and unique
    I simply love this pot. I bought 2 of the turquoise color and 1 in the green. just gorgeous. they can go outside or inside and i am using them in both places. planning on buying several more to put in more places in our house. LOVE!
  3. / Jan 05 2014
    I couldn't be more happy with this pot. The color is just gorgeous, and it is a perfect accent for indoor plants. Two friends of mine have already bought one for themselves after seeing it in our home!
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  1. / Dec 21 2014
    Kooky and Cute
    My husband bought this as a white elephant gift and he's so in love with it I think I might have to win it back for him! The pot is small, about the size of a mug. So it's perfect for a small plant, maybe a cactus or a succulent, or it could make a fun little pencil cup for your desk. The bear is my favorite. He's got a sweet face. Love that these are handmade by an artist. :) I don't think $18 is too much to pay an artist to make me a little pot.
  2. / Dec 17 2014
    adorable and whimsical
    I am so pleased with this purchase! I ordered the bunny for my best friend as a housewarming/christmas gift. It's very high quality and arrived safely. The size is perfect for a succulent or other sweet little house plant. Or! It could be a little crock for storing cosmetic brushes, pencils...whatever really. I know she'll love it and I also put the bear on my wish list! Hee hee!
  3. / Jan 02 2015
    Made in Vietnam
    I bought this Forest Critter Garden Pot and think it is very nice. However, the pot is made in Vietnam and not in Canada by Sarah Burwash as I feel the product description attempts to imply. Just be aware when purchasing this that it is an outsourced product so you wont be disappointed when you see made in Vietnam on the bottom.
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