Smoky Rose Wallpaper
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Canterbury Wallpaper
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Dorian Wallpaper
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Bunny Day Wallpaper
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Nuvolette Wallpaper
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For The Trees Wallpaper
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Rabbit Frames Wallpaper
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Adya Wallpaper
Adya Wallpaper
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Pergola Wallpaper
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Dunaway Wallpaper
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Rose Windows Wallpaper
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Glowing Pebble Wallpaper
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Card Catalog Wallpaper
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Brick-By-Brick Wallpaper
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Wood Plank Wallpaper
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Petal Pusher Wallpaper
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Atheneum Wallpaper
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Woods Wallpaper
Woods Wallpaper
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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Wallpaper
(4.6 / 5)
73 Reviews
  1. / Feb 25 2013
    Makes the room!
    This wallpaper is truly something you need to see in person. Although the pictures online are good, the depth of the colors is so incredible in person. I put it in my very tiny 1950s bathroom, which has gold speckled tiles and black tile trim. I smile every time I walk in the room. It brightens everything up, it isn't too busy or distracting. It is very soothing and happy at the same time. I agree with other reviewers that the sample can't do it justice. I nearly passed on it after ordering the sample, because all I got was a tiny section with the pale sea green leaves. The earthy darker greens, golds and pinks are what bring it to life. What sold me was seeing it in person at an Anthropologie store on a little wall. I had it installed by a professional, and I bought extra and I'm glad I did. I definitely recommend it.
  2. / Sep 09 2013
    I am glad that I found this product on Pinterest
    I am starting a new mobile fashion boutique here in Dallas, TX called My Rolling Closet. The interior theme is Shabby Chic with a little modern touch. I was looking all over and Google like crazy to look for the right kind of wallpaper that I want to use as a focal point for my store. However, it is important to me that it can't have a "Granny" look. I somehow found this product while I was browsing on Pinterest and I fall in love with the design immediately. The quality is great and look just like the picture I saw on Pinterest. Now this pattern is the feature and a focal point in my store. This design just match my theme perfectly. Although my truck is still under renovation and will be launch this Oct 2013. And I hope to post up another picture once it is ready.
  3. / May 06 2015
    Beautiful and fun
    I just had this wallpaper installed in my pantry which is open to a bar/living space. It gives just the right pop of color and fun in an unexpected place, it also makes the pantry feel 10x bigger. Love it!! Not just for nurseries! Excellent quality!
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  1. / Apr 27 2013
    worth the effort putting up!
    this wallpaper is just so beautiful, and looks even better in real life. the colors are bold and bright and really add to the room! this was my first time putting up pre-pasted wallpaper and it wasn't exactly super easy as a previous reviewer mentioned...I kept thinking, "how did that 16 year old put this up all by herself?!" :) if your walls are super high like ours, I would suggest really making sure the paper is soaked before you put it up. the paper quality is super strong, so you won't rip it with all the water. for the spots that just weren't sticking, we added a little wall paper paste, which really worked like a charm. if you are even on the fence about ordering this, just do it! you'll love the finished results!
  2. / Jun 20 2014
    Absolutely stunning.
    This wallpaper is stunning once hung. The paper is good quality, it stretched as needed, and finished beautifully. That said, I would not recommend the 30 second dip as recommended in the directions. It made the paper too wet, and the glue would ooze out. It worked much better to wet the back with a wet sponge rather than dipping it all in water. Eased application considerably. While it was fairly straightforward to hang, it's still wallpaper. The SureStrip does cut out some of the hassle, but it's still the same issues of pattern matching, dripping glue and smoothing out creases and bubbles. I can't imagine hanging it alone - I was happy to have two friends to help!
  3. / Nov 04 2014
    This paper is perfect for an open room
    Adding this wallpaper to our dining room changed the entire feel and look. Can't wait to entertain guests this holiday season.
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  1. / Sep 21 2012
    This wallpaper makes my 1950s bathroom look fresh, beautiful and sophisticated. This is the first wallpaper I've ever put up, and I got the hang of it pretty fast. It's pre-pasted, which is great for easy installation. I found that I needed two tools: a wallpaper blade that allows you to snap off 1/2" pieces of the blade after each individual cut so that you have a fresh blade for each cut, otherwise the blade will drag and make a ragged edge and rips. I also needed a plastic wallpaper smoother. One last tip: Rather than submerge the entire roll in water, submerge each individual section as you go. I love this wallpaper and can't wait to use it again!
  2. / Dec 06 2012
    A pattern to die for
    I put this pattern up in my bathroom and was a little skeptical about it at first. I began finding myself drawn more and more to it until I was spending 10-12 hours a day on the toilet just staring at the wallpaper. Watching the bus pick up the people from the Eiffel tower and drive them to the Farris Wheel was such a delight. They had so much fun. It was sad when Mr. Stevens pushed his wife out of the Eiffel Tower. I don't know if I can look at this wallpaper anymore. It makes me cry sometimes.
  3. / Mar 18 2013
    So beautiful
    This wallpaper is so whimsical and charming. I used it in my downstairs half bath, and months later, I remain enchanted by it every time I'm in there. The subtle colors and the scale of the pattern works great in a small space like a powder bath. It is busy, but not too overwhelming. I am 100% happy with the purchase, and I think the price is pretty reasonable.
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  1. / Apr 13 2015
    Highly recommend
    This paper is amazing! I had never used wallpaper before and was a little worried to give it a shot. I read the review below about the paper ripping and almost didn't buy it. But I am so glad I did! With a little help from someone who had wallpapered before the job went quickly and I had no issues what so ever. I get so many compliments!
  2. / Mar 20 2015
    Beautiful, amazing show stopper - wallpaper
    Amazing wallpaper that completes the space with pop and personality. I love all of Hygee & West papers and use them in many projects. The quality is great and the patterns are unique, whimsical and fantastic. I will keep coming back for more and recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting and impactful statement.
  3. / Mar 10 2015
    Love this wallpaper!
    I recently used this wallpaper in my home and did not experience any issues with the quality of paper. In fact, it was very sturdy, hung really easily, and most importantly, looks fantastic! I would highly recommend this wallpaper and am already trying it find a new way to use Hygge & West patterns elsewhere in my home!
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  1. / Aug 07 2013
    Lovely... but still sad.
    I love all the work Nathalie Lete does. I very nearly purchased the Enchanted Forest Mural for my son's room. Wouldn't it be the perfect backdrop for a kids' room, or hallway or wall in a family's living quarters? What a story-starter! I also think it would be great in an author's office/library - as a writer I love surrounding myself with inspirational pieces of art. The Enchanted Forest and this beautiful and vibrant Great Meadow Mural are such wonderful pieces. This would be amazing in my current office. Unfortunately I live in San Francisco where in many traditional homes have 8' ceilings. I don't feel right ordering these for $300 or $500 and then chopping off the bottom 2 feet so they fit the room. Sure, I could repurpose the trimmings, but what a waste. I wish these came a bit shorter for those us of with average ceilings.
  2. / Jan 03 2015
    It feels as if it has always belonged in my home.
    This paper is exactly what my dining room has always needed. I admit that I don't mind making a statement but this was a big step for even me. Now I wish that I hadn't waited so long. My mom's style is danish modern and she loves it. And my classic mother in law loves it too.
  3. / Sep 10 2013
    this is actually a question for anthro, or anyone that has purchased this product already. What are the widths of each individual panel? I plan on using this inside bookcases and want to know how many panels per bookcase I will need. Gorgeous piece of wall art. Well done nathalie! another amazing contribution to the design world.
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  1. / Nov 28 2012
    I found this wallpaper through Pinterest by searching for wallpaper with hummingbirds. I hesitated purchasing this for a while because of the price, but I finally broke down and ordered it a few weeks ago. I couldn't be happier with that decision! I hired a professional wallpaper hanger to put it up, so I don't have any information about the pros/cons related to installation. I would highly recommend this wallpaper. It is beautiful!
  2. / Apr 19 2011
    Absolutely Stunning
    This wallpaper is gorgeous and the pattern is easy to follow when putting it up. Do not be discouraged by the price - the paper is thick and the design is so beautiful in person. A lovely blue background and the wide variety of colors in the birds makes it very easy to match to almost any decor. I receive so many compliments on it and have noticed it in many period movies as well.
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  1. / Aug 03 2012
    the most amazing wallpaper ever
    LOVE! Treat this wallpaper like amazing shoes or a bag, it makes a HUGE impact, so you may just need a little of it. Our is in our entryway. If you want something practical, and you are flipping a house...this is probably not the wallpaper for you. But if you have great sense of humor (and style to boot), this is the wallpaper for you. You definitely need a really good paper hanger. The color and quality of the paper is top notch.
  2. / Jul 27 2012
    Because - It's absolutely amazing
    Classy, fun, worth the money. Art, as wallpaper. By the way, so is the bookcase in the phote, which is an anthropologie piece. Suggect ordering swatch to be sure this is you and also chat with costumer service when ordering because the paper comes in 4 rolls and need to be ordered in bundles, so the animals will have the correct seam to complete each party animal. Paperhanger said it was great and easy to hang, and no problem working with 4 rolls.
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